Monday, July 27, 2015

leek and chicken pie

I had leftover chicken, and I had two leeks in the fridge too long; although they were fine, surprisingly, except for a little bit of dried green on the outside. It was a hot day, but what came to mind was chicken and leek pie. Not that I've ever made it before.

I know how to make a pot pie without a recipe - it's easy, so I could have figured out how to do this myself, but I decided to look online in case somebody had a new idea.  I found something - I did notice that the amount of flour didn't seem like much, went ahead anyway. It ended up with a sauce which was too thin for a nice pie. Now, what?

Potatoes!  I got the bag of potatoes and peeled and boiled them all. Cut them up and put most into the pie. It ended up quite good, but that detour added a large chunk of time to my dinner preps, and it was three hours after I began that we ended up eating. Lesson learned.

I did get an artsy photo or two out of it, though.


  1. oh that looks good!!! yay! and YUM! and lovely photos... :)

  2. All's well that ends well! The pie looks really tasty. I think it's wonderful how resourceful you are. I admire anyone who uses what's on hand and makes something worthwhile.