Tuesday, July 7, 2015

hey, ho, the wind and the rain

I like umbrellas, in theory. But when you've got your handbag, and are carrying anything else at all, it's too much to handle an umbrella.

Still, the other day I happened to have my hands free in the rain.  I left the black one in the closet.

I have an umbrella with William Shakespeare's image on it. It's big, with a nice wooden handle. A silly purchase, I suppose - I got it a long time ago.

But it has his autograph - how could I resist it?


  1. :) fun! I have a big black one and a smaller black one, which I had with me, though it did not rain until I returned...

  2. What fun to carry Shakespeare around with you in the rain!

  3. Ah, fun! Umbrellas seem made for whimsy, though. :) I had a lavender one with a duck-head handle in the first grade that I'd love even now.

  4. Now that's unique! Yesterday, I was sitting in the truck during a downpour and watched two ladies huddled under an umbrella make their way across the parking lot as the wind blew the umbrella inside out! It reminded me of a scene in Mary Poppins. :-) I like umbrellas, but you are right...when you don't have to carry anything else. I have a traditional large black one, a huge green and white one, and a little compact yellow flowerd one that stays in my truck, just in case. ♥