Saturday, May 9, 2015


First time this year drying sheets on the line. Ahhhh.


  1. Even lovelier if you have a lavender bush for them to brush against as they dry.
    I have a hedge in the front garden but it needed replacing this year, so is just coming along now and will be ready to harvest some flowers from soon, I put them in the linen cupboard for perfume and to keep moths etc away.
    I am lucky to have my drying line (fold down) in a big garden room on the west of the house, it is wooden slats from waist height to the roof, so lets in sunlight and breeze.

  2. Mine are on the line at this moment as well. Huzzah, right? It really is the best. Lovely shot of the breeze, too!

    1. Thank you. Yes, the sheets are so nice after line drying.

  3. It would be 'freeze-dried' here at the moment :))

    Winter has finally arrived!! xx

  4. I'm reminded of hanging the sheets on the line when I was a child. It has been a number of years since we've had a line where we live. The cabinet where my mother stored them always had that fresh, outdoor aroma!