Saturday, April 12, 2014

the whole thing

Well, you wanted to see the whole thing -

it's quite messy.

I'd seen a Cath Kidston pillowcase where she'd applied circles on it with Steam-a-Seam or something and it gave me an idea. So I cut out lots of circles and placed them on a white fabric in a pleasing way, but then realized that if I ironed them on it would be stiff in those parts, so - I just left the edges raw and zigzagged them on. It really is a messy look. I then got the idea for a button in the center of each from something Jane Brocket did, and I can't even remember what that was now.  More quilting was needed, though, so I've been quilting around the inside and outside of each circle and now I have two left. But some of the empty space requires something and that's where I'm hung up. I first wrote about it here.

If I do lots of quilting all over it, that might end up looking interesting, except for three things:
one - I have never done any quilting as involved as that before,
two - it would surely take me the rest of my life to finish, and
three - frankly, I don't remember what the third reason was, but I did have one. The other two are bad enough anyway.

Kimmie wanted to know if it is for my bed. The red, white and blue (and yellow) fits in with the living room, so I think I had a throw in mind, but it's kind of a twin size.

Lynda asked if the circles were place randomly or in a pattern. Yes. A random pattern.  :D

Oh, and this is the backing - sailboats,

and I'm imagining a yellow border - whenever.


  1. I think put a boarder on it and call it good! I am very 'free spirited' in my creations also... :) blessed Holy Week to you! and a beautiful Easter!

    1. You are probably right, Elizabeth - it's just that with some batting you need to stitch close together, and I would feel better if this one had more stitching in the empty spaces.

  2. It's very 'individual' :)

    I like it!!

    But I'm not sure what you should do re. quilting, other than what I suggested before - largish quilt stitches in a bright blue around the circles where you can get around them, or around the group that are touching if you can't get between them. Clear as mud?? Not sure how to explain what I mean. could just put the bright yellow border on as Elizabeth has suggested, and finish it and use it, and then see how you feel about it. You can always add more quilting later!

    Just had a thought..could you sew some buttons in the spaces where you felt there was a gap? Or...tie it with blue embroidery thread in the gaps??

    Gee...I'm on a roll here!!

    Better go mow the lawns :))

    1. Hey - more buttons?! I think you're on to something. The simple solution is never the one that comes to me.

  3. I think the more buttons would work, as would the tying-either would not require a huge amount of time and would stabilize your "empty" areas

  4. That's really cute! I think I would border it, and that's it. It looks like plenty of stitching to me. If you feel you have to add some more, I think I would do a button here and there, but the circles look close enough. The backing is really cute and just goes great with the top. Great job!
    Have a blessed Easter week!

  5. Okay - buttons and/or tying it will be! Thanks to everyone for the help. :)