Thursday, April 24, 2014

small patches

While I think about whether I'm going to use buttons or ties to finish my button quilt, I've picked up this other one which I pieced about a year ago.

I'm quilting a line down the middle of each row of squares with floss. It'll take a little while, I'm sure.


  1. that is a lovely looking quilt!!!

  2. So very pretty! I think buttons look so cute on quilts like this, but whatever you chose it will be charming I'm sure!

  3. What a pretty patchwork. : ) I love the mix of colors and prints in this quilt.

  4. So nice and soft and cosy looking, you just can't beat the look and feel of hand quilting, the more you do the quicker it gets, I find it soooo satisfying to do the quilting and the lovely look of the finished quilt, it seems much more gentle than machine quilting with the little dips and rises and shadows that the hand stitching creates.
    Can you tell I just find machine quilting too tense and , I only use it if something has a quick deadline and even then I combine it with some hand quilting.