Thursday, January 2, 2014

a chocolate memory

Cyndi brought me some Fanny Farmer chocolates for Christmas. She had a reason for it.

When I was a child, before the days of shopping malls, my mother would dress me up and bring me into the city, where we'd go to my absolute favorite department store; a place with brightly-lit make-up counters, escalators, a large ladies' lounge, dining room with Victorian wallpaper, and, at the top of one of the escalators, a little spot where they sold chocolates. I have a memory of a box of milk chocolates all in the shape of wooden shoes.

About twenty years later, Aunt Helen and Uncle Tony came by for one of their monthly visits. These were always very pleasant - they'd come around lunchtime on a weekday and Aunt Helen would usually bring a small box of chocolates. This time it was Fanny Farmer, which I hadn't had. Or I thought I hadn't. I chose a solid milk chocolate piece, and was instantly transported back to my childhood at that wonderful department store. So, at last I knew what brand those chocolates were! There was no doubt in my mind - that taste memory was a certainty.

I didn't know Cyndi when I was little, but I've been friends with her a long time and she knows the story, so when she saw these she remembered. Thanks, Cyndi!   mmmm


  1. that is a lovely story. I wish stores were still like this. sigh.

  2. What a special gift, only a true friend would remember and give - I just love this.
    My grandmother used to take me to a tea room, and I still remember the little sandwiches so very well.

  3. Oh, my gosh, I loved Fanny Farmer chocolates when I was growing up. My grandmother always brought us a box at Christmas time. I didn't even know they were still available. What a lovely memory!

  4. what a sweet story (and friend :-)