Thursday, December 12, 2013

easy winter scene

In the current issue of Country Living is an awfully cute idea with inexpensive salt shakers, small bottle brush trees, a miniature stag and salt for snow.  Meanwhile, I found myself at the thrift store yesterday and found one of those great mason jars with a glass lid and wire closure. It's pretty good sized; the opening being about three inches with plenty of room inside for a little winter scene. 

So when Emily came again today, I sent her outside to gather some sticks and greenery. Our little glass deer fits right in with yew pieces behind and red berries in the "snow".

We included a taller stick to give the crowded arrangement some balance. You could do a lot with this idea.

Now our little fawn is sitting happily on a shelf in the secretary.


  1. What a cute idea, these jars are so easy to fill with interesting things. Something I saw the other day was a plastic wrapped batch of cookie dough (you would have to give it within a day or two of making) and a few cookie cutters, all tucked into a jar, a small Christmas motif was painted on the outside, but you could just tie a ribbon around the neck.
    Hope you are not too cold there, we are expecting 30 here today, so will stay inside and sew Christmas pillow cases for for the grandchildren.

  2. Oh, if only it were as warm as 30 - but we'll be 20 or so for a while, and four to eight inches of snow tomorrow. But it will be so pretty!

    I've been wondering how you are, Margaret!

  3. I remember my grandmother making these in babyfood jars back in the 1960's. She hung them on the tree. Everything old is new again! :) BTW, I just made your apple crisp recipe. I had some for breakfast as soon as it came out of the oven. I like it! The skins give nice texture. It isn't overly sweet and has just the right amount of topping. I cut the topping in half for my 9" pie plate as you suggested. Thanks. Happy Christmas!

    1. Oh, how cute that would be hanging all over a Christmas tree!

      I'm so glad you like the recipe - a happy Christmas to you, too!