Thursday, August 15, 2013

ode to The Murmuring Cottage

Rhonda recently had a link to it on her blog, Down to Earth.  The Murmuring Cottage - now, doesn't that sound dreamy?  It is.

I have no prior experience with Tumblr - I guess I don't troll around the internet as much as some folks do - but I was immediately glad I followed this link. The Murmuring Cottage, a place I am happy to visit any time. A photoblog of every single thing which appeals to me. Who is this person, and how does she know? Everything I like.

Some seem to be her own photos; most, from here and there on the internet. I'm one who feels better just looking at pictures in cozy decor books and magazines. I suppose Pinterest would do the same for me, but I don't belong to that; I prefer tearing out pages. I don't really want to be always becoming a member here there and everywhere. But, guess what? After discovering what a group of photos in such an arrangement can do, I was seized with the desire to see my own pictures in the same arrangement. So I joined Tumblr and started my own photoblog, here. For anyone who's familiar with this blog, the pictures you see there will all be old friends. But I didn't have to think twice about it, and now they're all there. For what it's worth.

Mine will never have that same air, the aura which can be found at the Murmuring Cottage, but that's okay. And to the person who is collecting those photographs - thank you, whoever you are. To anybody like me who responds to imagery, it's a soothing oasis. I do appreciate it.


  1. I'm not too familiar with Tumblr either, beyond what I've found on Pinterest that just so happens to be a pin taken from Tumblr. I'm looking forward to yours and the other one you linked too!

  2. Your tumblr page is beautiful! Your photos look especially captivating there all displayed together. You have an artist's eye with photos. ♥

  3. How funny - I love stumbled across the Murmuring Cottage a little while ago too and absolutely love it! There's something so soothing about the way the change in the seasons is slowly reflected in the pictures. They've really got it spot on! There is something really enigmatic about it too. What a good idea to start your own photoblog! Then after a little while you'll have all your own photos gathered together in one place to look back on and your photos are absolutely wonderful!

    1. Yes, she has it figured out to a "T" - I'm addicted to it.