Tuesday, August 27, 2013

much better

I guess I got the hang of it.


  1. Looks good Lisa. It's the starting off that's hardest on double pointed needles (for me anyway).

    1. Thank you, Tracy. I had to rip it out two or three times, but I kept at it all day - now I'm getting familiar with the technique.

  2. hi lisa
    it looks good. like the colours.
    happy knitting,

  3. Well done, the first 3 or 4 rows seem to be the hardest, so fiddly !! but by the time you have finished both your hand warmers, you will be so good at it , you can start on some socks.......there is soooo much beautiful sock yarn out there, I like the self striping yarn, that changes colour as you go, so pretty. There is nothing so warm and comfy as hand knitted socks in the cold weather.
    The best way to get good progress on socks is to knit the first one to the end of all the heel shaping, then start the second one and finish it, then all that is left to do is the foot of the first one, eaaaasy !
    You will need 2 sets of DPNS to do this method, but you can get them from thrift shops , I usually have a few socks on the go so I can take along the ones that are at the easy stage.
    I allways use the basic pattern from "Knitting Rules" by Stephanie Pearl McPhee, this pattern is on the back of the ball band of some of the sock yarn we have here. Have Fun !!!!!

  4. Thanks everybody. Margaret, you are exactly right - after three rows, the needles started to behave. I've never wanted homemade socks, but now that I'm enjoying this......... maybe! :D

  5. I guess so! And my dirty secret is that I cannot knit on dpns without huge awful holes in my knitting. I can only do magic loop. Looks like a great start.

  6. Looks wonderful! I love the color you chose, and you will be so happy with your hand warmers when they are finished--super cozy.