Thursday, February 28, 2013

finishing off a baby quilt

I'm joining Elizabeth for needle&thREAD today - I had put this baby quilt aside over the Christmas holidays, but now I'm done with the hand quilting and today I'm working on binding it.

The binding is an off-white. I've been reading Peggy Noonan's John Paul the Great from 2005. A  little book which is not a biography, but her account of how he affected her own life, and what kind of influence that she as a journalist thinks he had on society. So far I like it.


  1. That baby quilt sure does look sweet!

  2. I love the colors you chose for the quilt! Those pops of pink are so pretty.

  3. Great quilt

    Have a great week and I hope that March will be a good month for you.

    Fiona ♥

  4. While on the subject of books and biographies (I do get it that yours isn't) - thank you for recommending the McCullough biography of Truman. It took its time getting to me, but I got an A for the essay in the end, which I don't think could have happened without the info in the book. :-)