Saturday, January 12, 2013

January Saturday

 Today I put away many of the Christmas decorations

and forgot two

made a batch of meatballs for the freezer

and chicken soup for supper

with the Cambridge Singers Christmas Day in the Morning all day for accompaniment. 


  1. Sounds wonderful! The temps dropped dramatically while we were at Mass this evening. Soup is planned for tomorrow nights meal, yours looks wonderful!
    P.S - I always find an ornament or two that I've forgotten to pack away!

  2. Oh, putting away the Christmas decorations! I got about halfway through that task. ;)

    1. Caroline, you are excused from doing anything halfway! :D

      I'm leaving the tree up a while longer, and a few winter-y things.

  3. Yes to having the tree up awhile longer! Here too. And if I didn't have to worry about my weight, I could happily live on meatballs. :)