Thursday, November 15, 2012

pre-Thanksgiving {p,h,f,r}

Joining Leila today for {pretty, happy, funny, real} -

The view out the windows when it's either dawn or dusk always draws me, and I get such a compulsion to get an image.


There's an aura of mystery about these two - night is coming, but not yet. And lights are sparkling through the dark.

On the far side of about two towns away from us there's a family style restaurant quite well known in the area. We don't get out that way much at all, but a few years ago we were there at this time of year and I sampled some of their cranberry sherbet  (they make their own ice creams) which is only available at this time of the year.

A friend heads out that way for appointments regularly, so I asked him last week if he'd pick me up some for Thanksgiving. He called them, but they said it wouldn't be ready for a month! How could that be?  I was quite cast down, until I remembered that I have an ice cream maker. I found a recipe online and was making my holiday dinner plans when he called me today to say I should look on my back step for a package.


He took a chance and stopped by there. This is the most delicious, creamy sherbet I've ever had, and the cranberry flavor is wonderful!  Ahhhh. And - it's a whole half-gallon!

I was menu-planning the other day - I keep my clipped recipes in a box from work, which previously held catalog cards - and Dolly simply had to insert herself in the box top.  She looks kind of weird here, doesn't she?  Like a grouchy Cheshire cat with an almost disembodied appearance.  So, that's my


I have a long shelf in my bedroom which runs the length of a wall; I keep fabric on it. About twice a year I have to throw it all down on the floor, refold it and get it back up there neatly.  It's time to do it again.

I blurred it on purpose; it looks much more palatable that way. Almost circus-y.

Thanks again to Leila.
round button chicken


  1. Oh my! Your cat picture is girls loved it.

  2. i love the twilight hour for photo taking.....lots of deep, rich blues and purples and the tiny windows in the houses make the prettiest specks of warm, welcoming light. Nice photos, Lisa! And yay! for cranberry sherbet...i'll have to go get some and try it!

  3. Yes the cat is hilarious and I love how you blurred that last picture of your fabric stash! ha! That could be your funny too.