Thursday, November 1, 2012

All Saints

"The saints cannot be possessive about the glory, the joy, the life that is theirs, united with him who did not clutch greedily at his own divinity but emptied himself for our sake, they too pour out the bliss that is theirs into the Body from which they are not separated, so that what they have, we too may have.

Our Christian life is not lived in splendid isolation; it is lived in this communion of saints, which means both the company of the holy ones, and the sharing in holy things. When we feel low and spiritually run down, we need not lose heart, because we are still one with those who rejoice with unutterable and holy joy in the presence of God, who already have the vision of light and life without ending. That is why it is so natural for Christians to pray to the saints."

                    -    Father Simon Tugwell, O.P.       Magnificat,  November 2012

(Adoration of the Lamb, by Jan van Eyck)


  1. We have a bank holiday here in Italy today for All Saints Day.

  2. Oh, sure - a mainly Catholic country. Enjoy!