Friday, July 6, 2012

quilt done

My quilt is done.

The machine stitching lines are not as parallel as I'd hoped but it's good-sized, it's colorful, it will be warm.

My first object in making this was to use up large amounts of fabric, of which I had too much. I grabbed a colored toile. It had three scenes in it and I cut them out, not very precisely, which gave me 23 little "pictures".  I'd just been looking at Jane Brocket's quilt book - The Gentle Art of Quiltmaking - and was really liking the ones made simply with wide strips. So, I got the idea to make three rows with these vignettes, alternating them with strips of (somewhat) coordinating fabric. I had a large piece of a yellow with pink rosebuds which looked well with the toile.

The next thing I needed to do was try and get these little pictures into a uniform size; I had just quickly cut them. I thought I should "frame" them, and for that I found a deep blue batik; when that ran out I used a deep pink with small yellow dots.I sewed some to the sides of each "picture. Then, I needed to make my columns with matching fabric in between, and I found three fabrics which matched well - a green with machine embroidery, a golden yellow with white dots and a yellow with flowers. I made my three rows.

The white I used for a sashing made the whole thing too big for the backing I'd chosen, so I pieced it with something else - both with roses. I made the binding from a deep berry color.

My machine stitching went a bit off course at times - I need to improve on that. Overall, I'm very happy with it anyway - I made a quilt!


  1. Hi Lisa,

    Hope things are good with you.

    Is it very hot in your part of the world
    if so I hope you are staying cool.

    Your needlework is beautiful.

    I think I told you before that I couldn't do anything like that so admire your work all the more.

    Have a lovely week.

    Take care.

    Fiona x

    hope your pussy cats are well!

  2. it's so pretty! I'm doing parallel machine quilting right now - I don't worry if it's precise, but I've heard you can add masking tape guides if it bothers you. Me, I try to quilt without marking anything.

    1. I didn't want to bother with the masking tape; I really thought I could eyeball it. Perhaps if I try to neatly roll up the side next time, instead of shoving it through the machine, it wouldn't go all over the place! Patience.

    2. Thank you, ladies! I've been bit by the quilting bug.

  3. (Giggle) See I did comment on this quilt already. Silly me! ;)