Friday, July 20, 2012

blond-tailed squirrel

I haven't seen this before, I don't think.


  1. It looks a bit ruffled... I saw hundreds of grey squirrels when I was in the USA, but I can't remember anymore whether I've ever seen this...

  2. This squirrel reminds me of the two interesting squirrels we have in our is white and the other is jet black. The grandparents also have a white squirrel in their neighborhood so when the kids go over there they think it's the same one!:) I don't know that they are very common, but I will say it was a bit confusing when we first saw the black squirrel. We thought it was a cat!

  3. We have jet-black squirrels here. It is taking me a bit to get use to seeing them. I am use to the fuzzy grey and brown kind! There is no doubt that they are partial to bird seed no matter what the color! (sigh)

    A white tail? hmmm.